Admittedly it is not as cheap🙂


Years ago we ditched the typical chemical-filled and irradiated boerewors spice packs used in South Africa in favor of a healthy, clean, homemade mix, made to and packed to exceed CH standards.


ZERO artificial ingredients.

NO colorants, flavor enhancers, anti-oxidants, shelf life extenders, etc.

NO soya or agents that bind fat and water add bulk to the wors.

NO allergens like egg, milk, soya, etc (yes, these are typical to most boerewors spice packs)

NO gluten.

NO nitrates.

We ensure quality by always using hormone and antibiotic-free Swiss beef, pork, and lamb, stuffed into natural hog and lamb casings.

And last but not least !!

For sure you won’t catch any gogga when you eat my wors – it has been poked, prodded & lab-tested to the strictest H&S approval this country’s officials could throw at it.

Just fresh meat, slow-roasted crushed coriander, cloves, nutmeg, a bit of ground black pepper, sea salt, Worcestershire sauce and a touch of white wine vinegar. 🙂

Want to make your own?

We supply meat, spices and casings🙂send me your wishlist via email/WhatsApp


Custom-made Boerewors | 10 kg
I make wors to your specs.
You supply the spices & we do the rest.
Minimum order 10kg
Vacuum packed in either 500g snails or 4 x 125g portions.

Pure Beef Boerewors | 500g
100% Swiss beef stuffed in a lamb casing, traditionally spiced with coriander, cloves and nutmeg. This wors is completely FREE of gluten, MSG, artificial flavor- & colorants, anti-oxidants, nitrates, preservatives, phosphates and the likes.

Traditional Boerewors | 500g

Our flagship, superior quality, very traditional tasting boerewors is made with 1st grade, hormone and antibiotic free Swiss beef (70%) and pork 25%), spiced with non-irradiated, slow roasted crushed coriander, cloves, nutmeg, a bit of ground black pepper and a touch of white wine vinegar, perfectly stuffed into a natural hog casing. This wors is completely FREE of gluten, MSG, artificial flavor- & colorants, anti-oxidants, nitrates, preservatives, phosphates and the likes.


According to various sources, boerewors is based on an older traditional Dutch sausage called the Frisse wors, though it differs somewhat in its ingredients.

Every seventeenth-century cook at the Cape had a favorite recipe for boerewors (farmer’s sausage). During the twentieth century, many cooks began following recipes that predominantly used coriander and cloves seasoning. A possible reason for this preference might have been the Afrikaans cookbooks by Dijkman and D.J.H., which contain recipes with these spices as ingredients.

It is a popular myth that boerewors was always made from a mixture of pork and other meats. Before the twentieth century when there were no fridges, boerewors prepared in summer consisted mainly of mutton and sheep’s tail fat and in winter it was made from pork and bacon.

It boggles the mind that people made sausage at all without the luxury of mincing machines. The meat had to be cut into tiny pieces and mixed with the spices the night before. The following morning, when it was still cold, the fat or bacon was cut into cubes while the meat was finely minced with a large pestle. Then the meat and fat or bacon were mixed with vinegar and left for a while in order to absorb the spices before cleaned intestines were filled with meat.

It was a huge job to scrap the intestines clean. If the one doing the scraping was clumsy, the intestines ended up with lots of holes, making them useless as sausage casings. Filling the intestines also had to be done by hand. The cheapest piece of filling equipment over which the intestines could be pulled and filled with meat stuffing was the horn of an animal. The sharp end of the horn was cut off and the horn hollowed out, rubbed, and polished until smooth before it was used as a filling mechanism. After the intestines were filled, the boerewors had to be placed in brine to preserve it.

Put that in your braai and smoke it:-)